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Belt squat attachment

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Belt squat attachment : $219.99

 Why Do A Belt Squat?


There are many reasons one might want to belt squat. From people dealing with back pain or struggling with spinal compression and of course those that just want to get a great leg workout.

People dealing with regular back pain or struggling with spinal compression can circumvent those issues by placing the load on the hips and legs. Similarly, anyone rehabbing from an upper-body injury (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, etc.) can still get in their lower bodywork without having to worry about supporting a barbell.


Fits 2" x 2", 3" x 2", 3" x 3" squat racks


What's the advantage of this Belt Squat Attachment?

You get a full range of motion belt squat without having to spend $2000 on a belt squat machine. 

Whether you have a home gym or your gym doesn't have a belt squat you can take this with you and attach it easily to your squat rack.

It's not just used for belt squats. Rows, biceps curls, viking press all feel amazing with this attachment. It's great if you do not have a cable machine. 



For 5/8 inch - 1"+ squat rack hole diameter size

The Belt squat attachment is 30" long, 14" high.

Weight - 18 lbs

Black powder coat finish. Steel construction.

Fits 2" x 2", 3" x 2", 3" x 3" squat racks


Try Risk-Free. Free Returns & Money-Back Guarantee

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