Our Vision

Specialist gym equipment is too expensive and we want to lead the way in affordable and high quality equipment.


Founded by an Engineer and Lifting Lover Patrick Crane

About the founder

Born in the United Kingdom Patrick was always interested in the gym and engineering. He started lifting at the age of 18 and soon moved into powerlifting. But after a series of injuries from manual labour and sports he had to start finding alternative exercises in the gym for his lifting obsession.


Since being a teenager Patrick has had Back problems from playing a lot of sports. And found that belt squats allowed him to get a really effective lower body workout without compromising his back.

After the pandemic began in 2020 Patrick was forced to start working out at home but couldn’t do his usual workout routine. So he decided to look at what solutions there were on the market. $2000-$10,000 belt squat machines or doing goblet squats there was nothing in between.


That’s when he decided to start up Revolt Fitness selling affordable belt squat attachments that provided an awesome back pain free leg workout. But this is just the beginning with a rapidly increasing catalog.