Revolt Lateral Raise Attachment

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Squat Rack Hole Size: 5/8" none
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Upgrade Your Home Gym with the Lateral Raise Attachment: Transform Your Squat Rack into a Powerful Shoulder Workout Station

Unlock the potential of your existing squat rack with the Lateral Raise Attachment, a cost-effective solution designed to bring the functionality of a commercial lateral raise machine into your home gym. This innovative attachment seamlessly integrates with any standard squat rack, providing a robust platform for effective shoulder and upper back exercises.

Epic Shoulder Workouts:

Designed specifically to target the most important shoulder muscles, the Lateral Raise Attachment ensures you achieve an epic shoulder workout every time. By focusing on the side delts, this attachment helps you build stronger, more defined shoulders without the need for large, expensive equipment.

Precise Weight Progression:

As a plate-loaded attachment, the Lateral Raise allows for smaller weight increments compared to traditional dumbbells, which often increase by 5 LBs at a time. This feature enables more precise progression in your strength training routine, making it easier to gradually increase resistance and effectively build muscle.

Easy Installation:

The Lateral Raise Attachment slots easily on and off your rack, allowing for quick setup and storage. This convenience ensures that you can focus on your workout without the hassle of complicated installation processes, maximizing your training time and efficiency.

Perfect Fit for Home Gyms:

Designed for home fitness enthusiasts, this attachment offers a space-efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional lateral raise machines. Its compatibility with existing squat racks means you can maximize your workout area without additional bulky machines, making it ideal for small workout spaces, home gyms, CrossFit, Functional Fitness gyms, and even commercial gyms.

Versatile Exercise Options:

While primarily designed for lateral raises, this attachment provides a powerful shoulder workout that also targets the upper back and arm muscles. The adjustable arms allow for a customized setup to suit any width, height, or stance, ensuring a perfect fit for your workout needs. Here’s what you can do:

  • Lateral Raises
  • Front Raises
  • Rear Delt Raises

Key Features:

  • Converts most standard squat racks into a lateral raise machine
  • Economical alternative to buying a full lateral raise machine
  • Ideal for small spaces and home gyms
  • Supports effective shoulder and upper back workouts
  • Adjustable design for customized setup
  • Quick and easy installation process with slot-on/slot-off convenience
  • Plate-loaded design for precise weight increments



Weight Capacity - 300 LBs

For 5/8" or 1" hole squat racks

Fits 3" x 2", 3" x 3" wide squat racks

Total Weight - 15.4 lbs

Black powder coat finish. Steel construction

Money-Back Guarantee

The Lateral Raise Attachment doesn't fit your squat rack or you just don't like it? No worries send it back to us within 30 days of receiving it and we'll refund you your money straight away (Lower 48 states only)! Read our refund policy for full details.


Coop - Garage Gym Reviews

Solid Equipment

"Simplest belt squat I've ever seen, simplest one I've ever used and also one of the cheapest!" "Allows you to do belt squats without expensive belt squat machine."

Peter Attia

It's a no-brainer

"If you have a squat rack already it's a no-brainer, these things are dirt cheap and it's just a little adapter that sticks onto the edge of the rack if you don't have a rack you're buying a separate belt squat machine you know maybe the ROI is not there obviously bigger footprint cost more money again. This just feels so good on my lower back, it just really produces absolutely no stress in extension."

David - Mens Health

Belt Squats Anywhere?!

"Right for the home gym user that wants to have a great experience with belt squatting but doesn't have the space or money to accomodate a belt squat."