Revolt Belt Squat

"Absolutely solid purchase! Bought it for belt squats and it’s amazing, but also use it for shrugs, rows, upright rows, curls, ect. So versatile and worth every penny!" - Matthew D.

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Get a full range of motion belt squat without having to spend $2000 on a belt squat machine.

✔️ Compact for tight spaces

✔️ Save $2000 on a huge belt squat machine

✔️ Rows, Curls, Shrugs, Upright Rows & More


- Fits 2" x 2", 3" x 2", 3" x 3" squat racks.

- Fits squat rack with 5/8" & 1" holes & anything inbetween

- New Post length: 14.4" which fits 11 regular 45 lb plates. Loading up to 495 lbs

- Weight - 18 lbs

- Black powder coat

What's included

1x Belt squat attachment

1x Red handle hitch pin with locker

2x 1" squat rack hole spacers

2x 2" wide squat rack spacers

4x Washers

1x Instruction manual

Will it fit my squat rack?

If your squat rack has holes going through it will fit. The hitch pin is 5/8" thick and we also include spacers for 1" holes. But the belt squat attachment pivots around the hole so regardless of the hole size it will work

The belt squat attachment is 3.26" wide so it perfect for 3" wide racks but we have also included spacers for 2" wide racks so even if it's 2" wide it will fit.

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Exceptional Quality

From pain-free squats to insane quad pumps, the Belt Squat Attachment
builds your legs — without the spinal loading.

Do you suffer from back pain or spinal compression? Or are you simply seeking an efficient and effective leg workout? Look no further! Our Belt Squat Attachment is designed to alleviate back strain and provide an optimal lower body workout, all while easily attaching to your existing squat rack.

By transferring the load to your hips and legs, this attachment allows you to bypass upper body strains and focus on strengthening your lower body. Perfect for those rehabilitating from upper-body injuries or those without access to a belt squat machine.


Compatibility and Features:

  • Adapts to 2" x 2", 3" x 2", and 3" x 3" squat racks

  • New post length of 14.4", accommodating 11 standard 45 lb plates (up to 495 lbs)
  • Suitable for 5/8 inch - 1"+ squat rack hole diameter sizes
  • Attachment dimensions: 30" long, 14" high
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Robust steel construction with a black powder coat finish


Unlock the Full Potential of Your Workout:

Experience the versatility of our Belt Squat Attachment, which offers a full range of motion without the need for a costly, space-consuming belt squat machine. Ideal for home gyms or facilities lacking a dedicated belt squat, this attachment seamlessly integrates with your existing equipment.

But it doesn't stop at belt squats! Use it for rows, bicep curls, and viking presses to diversify and intensify your workout routine.


Risk-Free Trial with Free Returns and Money-Back Guarantee:

Not sure if our Belt Squat Attachment is right for you? Give it a try! If it doesn't fit your squat rack or meet your expectations, send it back within 30 days of receipt for a full refund (Lower 48 states only). Plus, we'll cover the cost of return shipping, so you can test our product without any risk. Elevate your fitness game today with the Ultimate Belt Squat Attachment! Read our refund policy for full details.

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