In just a year the Revolt Fitness Belt Squat Attachment has skyrocketed to international fame. Selling out on way more than one occasion, and accumulating a massive following of loyal Revolt users.

1. Amazing accessory movement used by elite athletes

Just like leg extensions, leg curls, stiff leg deadlifts. The belt squat can be used as an awesome accessory movement. Overload your legs without compromising your back.

Discovered in the 90s by Elite lifters the belt squat is THE accessory movement for building up leg size. After performing your main movements the belt squat can be used for finishing off your leg workout without comprimising your back. If any issues are preventing you from squatting then the belt squat can be used to get an amazing leg workout.

2. Save $3000 compared to belt squat machines that are huge

Traditional belt squat machines range from $3000 up to $10,000+. The belt squat attachment provides a great alternative that is not only more affordable but takes up little space and can be used for many different movements.

3. Hammers your glutes, hamstrings & not your spine

This is a must for anyone trying to increase leg strength and size. Olaf says - "I've been bodybuilding for many years. This belt squat attachment is the best thing ever. The movement is just perfect for quads and glutes." The amount of volume needed to gain size in your legs can take a toll on your back and other joints. If your home gym doesn't have a leg extension or leg curl in it then the belt squat attachment is perfect.

4. Not just for belt squats

It's very flexible and can be used for Stiff Leg Dealifts, Facepulls, Rows and more. Chris W. says - "This device opened up many options to add exercises to my existing power rack. I have utilized attaching a rope for narrow grip bent over rows, a bar for wide rows, squats of course and looking for other potential options. The squat feature is great for a 65 year old-bar squats are tough on my back and neck".

5. Compact, fits in tight spaced gyms

Engineered to fit in small gyms as for most having a full sized belt squat machine is not possible. Every inch counts in small gyms and with the belt squat attachment you can perform many different exercises in one piece of equipment.

6. Back pain free leg workout

Used for many years by elite lifters recovering from injuries or people with permenant injuries looking to get a great leg workout. Tweaking your back or shoulder doesn't have to prevent you from squatting. Having the belt squat attachment means you'll never go without an amazing leg workout

7. Scared to Try Something New?

The Belt Squat Attachment doesn't fit your squat rack or you just don't like it? No worries send it back to us within 30 days of receiving it and we'll refund you your money!

Free Returns - We pay the cost of your return shipping label so you can try our product risk-free.

8. Thousands of Raving Fans

With now thousands of Revolt Fitness customers 5 star reviews are pouring in. They love the price, size, versatility and more. One of our favorite reviews is from Randy - "Ive been experiencing a lot of problems with my lower back and now after using the squat attachment, Im pain free and able to squat more weight than doing the traditional squat. Cant wait until my next leg day."

"Love it! Great for belt squats in a small space and easy on the wallet… but also great for so many other lifts!" - Mike G.


"This is a nice piece of equipment for the gym. Not only do we use it for belt squats but rows curls high pulls and more. I found myself using it more than I would have expected. I would say in a garage gym or a commercial gym this is a great universal piece of equipment that will be very helpful." - Seamus M.


"I had been looking for a belt squat to add to my home gym. I saw an advertisement on Instagram for the Revolt. It was exactly what I was looking for, so I ordered one. I was very impressed at how fast my order arrived. Once I set it up, it was go time! This is an awesome product and a great addition to any home gym." Christopher R.



Sell out risk: HIGH

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